Booking procedures

How to reserve or view available sites

(computer or tablet version)

  1. Click on « BOOK NOW »  and enter the information (date, number of days, serviced required, preferences, and the type and TOTAL size of equipment) requested in the form,  then press « Search ». Please note that we only have 20 sites that are pullthrough so by ticking the box, you are eliminating the majority of our sites that are backins.
  2. An interactive map will open with green little dots on the available sites. By passing your mouse over the dots an information box with the site number, the size of the longest equipment accepted on the site, and other information regarding shade or sun, will appear (if you are using a tablet, you might have to enlarge to see the dots). The available sites will also appear as a list, found under the map.

You can also view the pictures or have more details of the site, by clicking on the box or on « See details » in the list. If you wish to return to the map or list, it is important that you use the link « Back » to search results found at the bottom of the opened page. If you press the return arrow from the internet system, you will occupy the site that you were viewing for the next 10 minutes and returning to it, will give you the message of being no longer available.

  1. Once you have chosen the site that pleases you, and that you are ready to book, click on the button, « book this site » located on the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter your information to finalize your booking. It is important to make sure to correctly type your email address because as this is where your confirmation will be sent. to this one

Please note that a reservation includes 2 adults and 3 kids (less than 18 years old). For any additional person, add the name in the « Add. Person » box with the number of nights that this person will be present during your stay. For more information, or visitors that will not stay for the night, please consult our policies concerning « Additional Person or Visitors ».

    • When all the information has been entered, that the payment of the booking has been entered, you will be asked to review our cancellation policy and tick the box accepting them. If the booking was successful, the reservation system will give you the message « Your booking was completed with success ».  You should receive a confirmation at the e-mail address you provided within a few minutes. Otherwise, follow the instructions of the system.

(mobile version)

You must follow the same procedure (steps 1 to 5) as above but you will only have the list of available sites and not the interactive map. You will find information about the site by clicking « see site » in the list. The choice of amperage required is not a search field in this version. Therefore, it becomes important to make sure to read the features of the site and choose one that will have the necessary amperage for your needs.


For a group booking follow the same procedure (steps 1 to 5). However, it is important to complete the reservation with the name and information of the person who will be occupying the site, even if the payment is made by the same person. This permits us to verify that the equipment fits the site, allows us to plan the arrival of each camper without risk of confusion and to avoid delays created by information changes upon one’s arrival. A listing with the names of every families present is requires by our insurance company and first responders in case of a disaster.

In the computer or tablet version, you have the option to notify us that you are a group booking by ticking the box « We travel in a group ». In the form to be completed, you will find a comment box allowing you to enter the name, # of site or reservation of each person in your group. By following these procedures, we make sure to block the sites together to avoid displacement.

* For group bookings we recommend our DOUBLE SITES that will allow you to face one another.


The double site allows you to install two types of equipment on the same site(s). However, it is important to note that the price of the site remains the same if you choose to occupy only one.

Follow the reservation procedure (steps 1 to 5)

    • Make sure to tick the box « we travel as a group » when you enter your information.
    • In the computer version, you must use the comment box to enter the name, telephone number, number of adults and children, type and size of the equipment. If there is an additional person in one or the other of the reservations, use the boxes « Additional person » at the bottom of the sheet (as explained in step #4 above).  If you use the mobile version, you will need to e-mail us a copy of your confirmation, add the details of the second expected family. This ensures that both are accounted for together.

For more information, contact us at 819-827-1056.   Please see our « Contact Us » tab to learn about our office hours.

NOTE: Telephone bookings are subject to the same conditions as online bookings.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!