Policy regarding additional person


  • The camping group is set at 2 adults and 3 children under 18 years old for the listed price. An additional fee of $ 8.00 plus taxes per day is billed, for any extra person.


  • All clients are entitled to receive visitors. Visitors must register themselves and pay the required entrance fee of $5.00 per person for the day, and respect all the rules and regulations of the campground. The entrance fee gives them access to the campground services such as: sanitary buildings, pool, playground and certain activities.
  • Visitors can access the camping from 9:00 am and must leave the site at 10:30 pm.   No unregistered visitors will be accepted after 9 :00 pm unless prior arrangements were made with the arrival station.
  • Visitors must leave their animal at home, unless he has planned an overnight stay.
  • A visitor cannot circulate with his vehicle on the campground.   The vehicle must stay in the visitor’s parking located beside the arrival station.  Exceptions to this policy will be granted for the visitor, that is registered to sleep over, is more than 65 years of age,  or has a valid disability permit or a restricted mobility. Otherwise,  we grandly suggest that you set a meeting time of your arrival with the campers that you will be visiting, and arrange with them a pick-up time.
  • A visitor who decides to stay overnight must return before 9:00 pm at the office and register themselves by paying the nightly fee of $4.20. The departure will then be extended to noon the next day. And if he wishes to extend his stay later, he must pay again the daily visitor’s fee.  A visitor must sleep in the camper’s equipment otherwise; he will also be considered a camper and must pay a site fee.
  • The visitor’s fee is only for a personal right to access the campground. The registered campers are responsible to ensure the respect of our rules and regulations by their visitors, and will be held liable in case of problems.