Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Our fire curfew is 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. — calm and whispering (without music) are expected from you.

The groups will have to disperse during the curfew to ensure respect for other campers wanting to enjoy their rest. Tolerance of 4 silent people staying at the fire.All your visitors must present themselves, on arrival, to register and pay their entrance fees. The departure time for visitors is 10:30 p.m. visitor policy

The speed limit is 10 km / hour and the Provisions of the Highway Code applies meaning what is not allowed on the public road is not allowed on the campground.

In order to be better informed of our expectations, it is important to read our rental policy.

ANIMALS - We welcome this family member as long as the following policies are followed


Upon check-in, you must notify the office of the presence of a pet. Clients not staying overnight must leave their animals at home. If staying overnight, please make arrangements for the animal to be inside the camper and not kept in a cage outside.

Pets must be supervised at all times, by an adult. They can only be left unattended inside your equipment.

You must immediately clean up your pets’ excretions.

Pit bulls and/or any aggressive dogs are not welcomed. A pet will not be allowed to disturb or cause any annoyance to the neighbors.

Your cat or dog must be on a leash at all times. The leash must not be longer than 10 feet.  For the respect of the campers, please avoid walking your pet on other campers’ sites.

It is forbidden to leave the animal attached to the infrastructures or to bring them into the buildings of the campsite.

Not respecting these policies could bring an immediate removal of the animal from the campground or an expulsion without refund.


CIRCULATION and VEHICULES (To ensure the safety of all and the calm of the premises)

One must apply the same rules as on public roads. That is, what is not allowed on the public road is not allowed on the campsite.

The camper’s vehicle must be registered at the arrival station (plate number) and parked on the rented site. It is not allowed in the visitor parking lot located near the arrival station. In the case of a 2nd vehicle necessary for the camper group, you must notify the office. Parking spaces inside the campsite are available to them.

V.T.T., golf cart, moped, scooter, electrical bicycles, segway, and the child’s electrical vehicle that is not accompanied by a parent by its side.

Motorcycles or scooters are only permitted to circulate on the campground roads with the reason of accessing or leaving their site and not to circulate for fun on the campground (modified bikes – see below).  Wearing a helmet is a must at all times.

For the respect of the others, one cannot circulate with the vehicle before 9 a.m. or after 9 p.m. Plan to leave these vehicles in the visitors’ parking lot during these hours.



Must not exceed the 10 km and are permitted until sundown only. We remind parents and children to respect the speed limit of 10 km.

ENVIRONMENT - Protecting nature by doing simple and intelligent actions concerning garbage, recycling, water, wood. The water comes from wells and its consumption is an issue

Our containers are located at the exit and in front of our laundry facilities.


    • Please put resalable items such as cans, bottles of liquor, or beer in the recycling bin identified as cans.
    • Plastic, paper, cardboard boxes (broken), and glass in identified containers for recycling.
    • Wood and metal and large cardboard box should be placed next to the containers and not in the container.
    • The small propane tanks are collected on a shelf near the containers at the exit of the campsite.


    • Deposit household garbage in the containers that are not identified with the recycling logo.
    • It is strictly prohibited to burn any household garbage, pine needles, wood or materials that are painted, treated or any materials containing glue.


    • Our water wells will not permit any waste. Water must be used for personal consumption only. Washing of cars or equipment is prohibited.


    • An electric heater is permitted in small equipment (tent or tent-trailer) that have no other heating system. When using them, it is important to manage the use of the electricity since heaters could use the full amperage supplied on the site.


    • It is forbidden by the Ministry of the Environment to move firewood from one region to another and certain types from one place to another. For this reason, our accredited local distributor will be happy to sell it to you through our arrival station or to the sites in the evening after dinner on Friday and Saturday. 

The following link advices you of the risk and penalties associated with transporting wood.

BEHAVIOUR - Respect and good manners are a must. Our positioning towards sobriety, drugs and respect.


Sobriety is expected at all times on the campground. A moderate consumption will only be tolerated on your site. One must be of legal age to drink (18 years or older).

Sale of drugs are prohibited on the campground and could bring an immediate expulsion without refund.

Being a family-oriented business, we position our campground as a public area enforcing a drug-free environment for the children.

Note: unless we cannot completely disallow the consumption, we will apply the smoking bans established by the province of Quebec, 9 metre (30 feet) radius from the buildings, terraces, playgrounds and sport areas, leaving the option of consuming in your equipment, since our campground as a whole is considered one big playground/sport area. (Section 3.15-5, Law 157, chapter 4).

Politeness, courtesy and moral thoughtfulness are expected at all times, and anything else will not be tolerated.

SECURITY - Everyone's security is important to us, compromising it is not an option that will be tolerated.


Management will expel, without refund, anyone putting the safety of a child in danger. It is forbidden to leave a young child unattended on the roads or near the pond. One must not let a child drive a vehicle or sit on your lap while driving. As a reminder, the provisions of the Highway Code are applicable.

You are responsible for your children in the parks, the pool area, and public places. Your children should be advised that they must return to the campsite at 10 p.m. You are also responsible for their actions or for any damages they may cause. Please remain on the lookout!

Firearms, knives, air or plastic pellets guns, firecrackers, and all other types of weapons are strictly prohibited.  They may result in confiscation and/or expulsion without refund.

DAMAGES - You are responsible for your actions, those of your children and visitors.


A person causing a breakage, damages, or vandalism on the land, sites, buildings, installations, games, picnic tables, trees (cutting or nails) will be responsible for the repairs and reimbursement and, could be prosecuted.

The Management will not be held responsible for any damages to your properties due to fire, theft, vandalism, accidents, loss of electricity by falling trees, or for any accidents that may occur on the field or in the practice of activities on the campground.

Management could modify those rules and add others without prior notice. Management also reserves the right to expel, without refund, a camper or visitor that it deems, in its discretion, undesirable, or a person or group that does not comply with these regulations.

Camping Cantley Inc. is not responsible for accidents that may occur on the campground or in the practice of activities on said ground.

Camping Cantley is a member of Camping Quebec and gladly applies its satisfaction guarantee policy. 
If you request it within half an hour of checking in.


Management could modify those rules and add others without prior notice. Management also reserves the right to expel, without refund, a camper or visitor that it deems, in its discretion, undesirable, or a person or group that does not comply with these regulations.